Scott has been coaching me for the last seven years. In that time my business revenue has increased by 400%. Whether it's sports or business, even top performers can benefit from having a coach. Scott goes over everything from operations, processes and procedures, accounts receivable, hiring, firing, generating new business, Quick Books, and everything in between. He is now coaching my managers to help me make them the best they can be. Even when we know what needs to be done it's easy to make excuses, but Scott holds us accountable. He cares about both me and my business and I'm proud to call him my friend.
Bill S.
Owner in New Jersey
I have only positive things to say about my experiences working with Scott Miller as my business coach. Aside from being an awesome person, he is very knowledgeable about business and has a proven track record of success. He truly cares about his clients and has a passion for helping business owners succeed. He is excellent at problem solving and identifying solutions that create the greatest impact. I really appreciate his input that helps me see different perspectives. His support is reassuring and confidence building. As the restoration industry’s best kept secret, I highly recommend Scott Miller for business coaching Adding him to your team is one of the greatest decisions you'll ever make.
Michelle R.
Owner in Hawaii
Scott has been a fabulous coach and friend since day one: he helped me double my business not once but THREE times through ongoing accountability. I’m not afraid to say I owe him my current levels of income and stability and I couldn’t give Scott higher praises. I’m glad I took the plunge, so to speak!

In particular, Scott is highly skilled at listening closely, learning everything there is to know about your business, then guiding your through the actions that have the highest impact. No time wasted in the weeds, we always get straight down to business.

Honestly, he’s my coach to this day (it’s been 5 years) and I actively recommend his coaching and mentoring to my peers with small and medium businesses.

Marc S.
Owner in Quebec
Even though we have only been working together several months, Scott has helped us make very significant improvements thanks to his program.

Before he started helping us we were almost like a ship in the ocean without a rudder or sail. Now we have those and have set a course to where we want to go.

He has been a huge help for us with this regard. I opened the puzzle up, dumped it out and he showed how to put each piece in the proper place. Also, we are so much more organized with our employees. Everyone knows their specific jobs, and we keep going over these things in our regular staff meetings. All in all, Scott, you have my office now where I thought we would be in a year from now.

I'm looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you so every year will be My Best Year Yet. Thank you for everything.

Bob H.
Owner in North Carolina
I began using the Scott’s coaching program when I finally accepted that I was not going to get the results I was looking for as a business owner on my own. Once I heard Scott explain the process he follows with clients, my wife and I both decided that we wanted Scott to help us achieve our business goals. The set up of the plan was quick and during the initial set up phases is what really solidified that this is something that was lacking in my daily business routine.

What had held me back in the past from using a business coach and a process like this were the costs. Scott’s program is not only simple to use, it’s affordable and really works.

Scott has come into my life when I needed him the most. He listens, guides, persuades and inspires. When I work the plan, it makes a difference to me every day.

David S.
Owner in Pennsylvania
While I am in the beginning stages of working with Scott, I have already found great value in the program. Setting up the plan online was simple, and user friendly, and it has captured my goals in weekly and monthly segments which keeps my annual goals from being overwhelming.

I find using the Best Year Yet plan with my coach, Scott Miller, I am effectively mentored and held accountable for reaching key milestones necessary to grow my business. My business partner is also involved in the Best Year Yet plan, which has allowed our communication and goal planning to improved greatly.

Julie C.
Owner in Florida
I've known Scott for the past 15 yrs. He ran a very successful business then sold it. Even though he’s much younger than me, I’ve always looked up to him as a big brother. Whenever I was in time of need, he always had great wisdom to share with me. When he started a consulting business I jumped aboard with him. He always has great info for me if I have a challenge and he helps me move upward and onward. If you’re looking for a consultant, I would give him a shot. You’ll gain a good friend as well.
Tim S.
Owner in New Jersey